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Every visit passes through our multi-level sophisticated bot detection system, providing you with only real human traffic.

Create your custom campaign for the websites you want the traffic for, personalizing all the options you want.
Our clickers will visit your site using our browser extension. Your Page Views, and the Ad Impression goes up.
Your website gets more traffic and business results, boosting your Adsense/Ads network revenue.

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*1 Credit = 1000 Worldwide Visits / 2 Credits = 1000 Geo Target Visits
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serp seo organic web traffic real clicks

Customer Service

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Commonly Asked Questions

Is the traffic real?

Yes, it’s 100% real. We guarantee that you will see all the traffic in your Google Analytics.

What are your services for?

Most of our clients use our services to improve their website traffic metrics and ad earnings with real impressions. Our clickers will scroll to the end of the page, which will result in an impression.

How much can i earn from Ads?

The cost per mille (CPM) varies based on the location and according to the type of ads displayed on your website. Please check with your Adsense or Ad Network provider for details. 

Is It AdSense and Other PPC Programs Safe?

Premium Traffic Service is provided “as is”, with no guarantee. Use the service at your own risk. Please do read our disclaimer for further details.

Will Traffic Assist Me in Getting Higher Ranking, SEO, etc.?

Google works in the following way that sites with more traffic are ranked higher. Therefore, premium traffic in Google Analytics may assist in improving your ranking. Still, as nobody can be really aware of strict algorithms, we can’t ensure you definite results and ranking positions.

Yes, all website/domains works with premium traffic.