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To determine a link’s rank in the SERPs, Google’s complex search engine algorithms consider a variety of factors (search engine results pages). CTR (click-through rate) is one of those factors, and it has a significant impact on a link’s ranking.

Using SparkCliks is one way to improve the CTR of specific Google links to your site. We use real people to search for terms that are relevant to your content and to click on specific links to your web pages. But what makes SparkCliks superior to a URL clicker bot?

Using a Link Clicker Bot Will Cost You a Lot

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You might be wondering why a link clicker bot would cost a lot, considering they are all significantly cheaper than SparkCliks. While it’s true the financial cost is lower with bots, there are some hidden costs you need to keep in mind.

For example, a URL clicker bot will often come up against Google’s superior fake click detection systems. Bots don’t know how to “solve” CAPTCHA questions, especially ones from reCAPTCHA, the CAPTCHA service that Google themselves own and develop.

Another reason is your website will likely get penalized by Google. Why? The answer is simple: they will suspect you are trying to increase your CTR by using computer bots to click through to your site from the SERPs.

When you get a Google penalty, you can expect little to none of your links to appear in their search index. That means your potential site visitors will instead see and visit your competitors.

Click Bots Do Not Work! SparkCliks Is the Only Place to Buy Real Website Clicks From Real Human Clickers.

At SparkCliks, we have a viable solution to the dangers posed by using bot clickers. Instead of using bots, our unique service only uses actual human beings to search on Google for specific keywords and click through to your website links.

We have over 10,000 hand-picked human “clickers” that fulfill each click order. They use a special browser extension that tracks their progress, and when we confirm they’ve clicked the correct link, we pay them for their work.

SparkCliks is the only service of its kind and one that works for several reasons:

High-Quality IP Addresses

Each SparkCliks clicker uses a local, high-quality IP address to connect to the Internet. Clickers are not permitted to use VPNs or proxy servers, as both can be detected by Google’s fake click detection systems.

All Countries and Languages

We provide a truly global service. This is because we have clickers from all over the world, and you can specify a clicker’s geographic location as well as the language in which they complete your click orders.


SparkCliks is the only online service that allows real people to search Google for your keywords and then visit your site. Our service is secure, quick, and simple to use, with immediate results. Give SparkCliks a shot today and see for yourself!

Please Note: There are no guarantees in search engine optimization, ever. There are a variety of elements that might have an impact on search engine results. And, realistically, most websites should concentrate their efforts on standard SEO before considering non-traditional approaches such as SparkCliks. Every SEO campaign has the potential to be risky. Some strategies are unquestionably riskier than others. Because SparkCliks uses actual human clickers rather than mechanical or robotic clickers, we believe our service is significantly less dangerous. However, since Google’s algorithm is unclear and liable to change at any moment, there is a risk associated with this strategy, as with other SEO tactics. Please check our Buyer FAQs for more details.